Citizen Science

Crowd-sourcing for visual marine image annotations.

Citizen scientists will annotate underwater photography seabed images from subtidal, shelf-sea and deep-sea areas and focus on the visual classification of the seabed habitat, detect and classify the larger fauna present. The campaign and mass imagery crowd sourced data generation will include specific parameters such as macroplastics, sponge and cold-water coral cover and major seafloor organism types. Available images will be taken from partner’s repositories or be generated through optical sensing throughout the project

Creation of a network of observatories for marine data collection.

Diving associations will be provided with NAUTILOS novel low-cost sensors, measuring and recording different environmental parameters (e.g. temperature, salinity, chlorophyll). Citizen scientists will be able to download such data at regular intervals and upload them to the dedicated online platform serving also as a visual database of collected data (creation of thematic maps). This initiative is building upon the COMBER initiative carried out under FP7 ViBRANT project.

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